Appendix O of the Collective Agreement extends the protections contained in SFU Intellectual Property Policy R 30.03 to all TSSU members. It sets out that TSSU members have the same protections as faculty members in the delivery of educational materials in lectures, tutorials, labs, and seminars (among other things).

The policy itself is a very detailed provision, with its own enforcement mechanisms. It is also possible to grieve if your rights are not respected.

Some of the provisions of the policy are:

  • The University’s commitment to the open exchange of ideas … is best served by a list of principles including that the creator of Intellectual Property (IP) owns the products of their intellectual endeavours and they are free to publish those products.
  • If IP is created through the use of University resources, the University has some say, particularly in relation to its commercialization.
  • Unless the creator enters into an agreement otherwise, they retain full ownership of IP and all rights pertaining to ownership.
  • Creators are free to commercialize IP, but must disclose the intention to the University.

If you have concerns regarding Intellectual Property rights, we recommend reading SFU’s policy in its entirety. If you have specific questions on this issue, please contact TSSU.