Certified in 1978, the Teaching Support Staff Union represents Teaching Assistants (TAs), Tutor Markers (TMs), Sessional Instructors (SIs), and Language Instructors (LIs) at Simon Fraser University. Since December 2004, we also represent the English Language and Culture (ELC) and the Interpretation and Translation Program (ITP). The Union functions as the sole bargaining agent for these employees during contract negotiations and represents any and all members in work-related conflicts and problems.

To get more involved, attend one of our 9 general membership meetings a year, attend or join any of our paid committees, ask your departmental steward what is going on, stop by the TSSU office (AQ5129), or call 778-782-4735 for more information!

TSSU began as Local 6 of the Association of College and University Employees (AUCE 6). AUCE was a feminist trade union movement which developed out of the Vancouver Women’s Caucus in the late 1960s and early 1970s. All of the other AUCE unions have joined up with larger unions, such as the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), but TSSU has maintained its independent status. As an independent Union, TSSU enjoys a form of non-hierarchical leadership based upon the importance of the views of the General Membership.

For more information, see this pdf on ‘AUCE & TSSU: Memoirs of a Feminist Union 1972-1993’

We are also members of the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CGEU). For more information visit: The CGEU Facebook Page or The CGEU Wikipedia Page.