TSSU Trial Travel Subsidy! April - Aug 2019

For non-student TSSU members (non-upass holders), a travel subsidy of $5 per trip is now available for attending TSSU events and committee meetings. 

You can apply for the travel subsidy when you fill out committee stipend form or fill out a reimbursement form if you are not in any committee.
The forms can be found here: http://www.tssu.ca/forms/  
This trial program is intended for TSSU members who do not hold a u-pass. The idea is to help alleviate part of the burden of travel cost and make TSSU events and committee meetings more accessible. 
The subsidy is set at $5 per every round trip you take to attend any TSSU event or committee meetings. This is a trial program to be evaluated at the end of summer so that we can work towards setting up a permanent travel subsidy program that works for our members. 
Please do not hesitate to email tssu@tssu.ca if you have any question or any feedback about the trial program. 
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