Important Notes

TAs, TMs, Graduate Facilitators, and Sessional Instructors must apply for all benefits; you are NOT automatically enrolled. The relevant forms can be found here.

International Students, for details on MSP/International Student Health Fee: please see here.

Information is also available in our Healthcare Info pamphlet.

May 1, 2021 Important Update

As one of our wins in the last round of bargaining the extended health plan for TAs, TMs, Graduate Facilitators and Sessional Updates has been improved substantially, including by:

  • removing the $10 / visit max from all practioners (e.g. Chiro, Naturopath, Massge, Physio, Podiatry, etc, the annual limits as outlined still apply)
  • Increase psychologist coverage from $100 per calendar year to $1000 per calendar year and expand to include counsellors
  • Increase hearing aid coverage to $625 / 60 months for employee and $1125 / 60 months for dependent children
  • Include vision care at $300 / 24 months for glasses, contacts and eye exams.
  • Include birth control coverage
  • New dental coverage option with premiums split 50% employer/50% employee

View our comparison of the benefits provided by the GSS and TSSU/SFU PBC Plans.

Detailed Benefits Table

BenefitTAs, TMs, GFs, & Sessional InstructorsELC/ITP Instructor
BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)100% of premiums paid by the employer for the duration of employment; coverage begins on the first of the month in which the application is submitted.

To opt into SFU's group plan see instructions here.
After reading the instructions you can upload the Group Plan form and fill it out.
60% of premiums paid by the employer for continuing instructors only, coverage starts the first month following the date of employment. MSP Application Form with Instructions or Fillable PDF without instructions.
Extended Health75% of premiums paid by the Employer during period of employment. Covers 80% of prescription drugs and minimal paramedical practitioners. Coverage may be maintained for up to two semesters following employment, as long as the form is submitted and the premiums are remitted before employment ends. Enroll via the form found on the SFU Human Resources website. As of May 1, 2020 the plan premiums are $26.59 / month for individuals and $74.51 / month for family coverage.100% of premiums paid by the Employer during period of employment but only for continuing employees who meet an hours and weeks worked eligibility threshold. Covers 80% of prescription drugs, paramedical practitioners, counselling etc. Coverage may be maintained during a period of leave, if paid by the employee. Enroll via the form found on the SFU HR website.
DentalNew dental coverage option with premiums split 50% employer/50% employee for up to $700 of coverage per year for part A (basic) and part B (major restorative). Enrollment information to follow100% coverage by SFU for continuing instructors only. No benefits for employees classified as temporary.
Coverage during MSP Waiting PeriodMembers who enroll in MSP benefits and notify SFU of their enrollment in at will receive a reimbursement 85% of the monthly cost of for a maximum of two people ($59.71 / month reimbused as of Fall 2020)

Benefits Information on SFU's website

All Employees: TSSU Member Child Care Fund and Childcare Subsidy for TSSU Meetings

See Childcare for more information.

All Employees: Canada Pension Plan, Workers' Compensation, Employment Insurance

Provisions, payment of premiums, payroll deductions, and eligibility shall be as per Government of Canada and BC regulations. (p. 56 & p. 90)
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