TSSU in solidarity with MoveUp at CapU

The Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) at Simon Fraser University stands in solidarity with MoveUP workers at Capilano University. As academic workers engaged in teaching and research, TSSU is well aware of the struggles and precarity academic workers face day-to-day. We are familiar with the employer dragging their feet in bargaining and the need to strike in response.

It’s a disgrace that the Capilano University Administration is unwilling to bargain over the issue of remote work. As a new feature of the workplace since the beginning of the pandemic, remote work enables workers to have working arrangements that suit their needs. Despite similar provisions for remote work having been incorporated into the Collective Agreements of many public sector unions, Capilano University’s refusal to bargain over this issue illustrates their contempt for their own workers. Clearcut language in a Collective Agreement over issues related to the changing nature of work is a key protection for workers rights. Further, Capilano University’s unwillingness to return to the table after having had discussions at the table and subsequently tabling changed agreement is not indicative of an employer that is willing to get to a deal.

As an independent union also currently on strike, we understand that striking is not easy and requires endless and exhausting work on the part of the union. Thus, we admire and look to your strength and resilience, and share our support while you fight for a fair deal. We look forward to hearing of a well-earned victory, and look forward to celebrating alongside you. Please stay in touch to continue building solidarity and support each other's picket lines.

In solidarity,
The Teaching Support Staff Union

Since 1978

The Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU)