In support of Levy Funding asks from SOCA, DNA, FNMISA

The TSSU Solidarity and Social Justice Committee fully supports SOCA and DNA in their demand for Levy Funding for both groups and supports FNMISA in their demand for a raise of their existing funding which has not been increased in 20 years. The demand for levy funding for SOCA and DNA is $1.00 from every full-time student, and $0.50 from every part-time student and the ask for FNMISA funding is an increase to $1.50 per full-time student, and $0.75 per part-time student . The SSJC supports Black students, Indigenous students and disabled and neurodivergent students and we are adamantly against all forms of anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity and ableism.  We agree with SOCA, DNA and FNMISA that establishing sustainable and equitable funds within the SFSS for all three groups is necessary in the fight  against anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity and ableism, as well as promoting excellence for all three groups within the SFU community.