Equity, security, solidarity, action: Reflection and celebration of TSSU at 40



To celebrate TSSU’s 40th anniversary, all TSSU members, past and present, are invited to prepare a submission for the special collection Equity, security, solidarity, action: Reflection and celebration of TSSU at 40. Our goal is to publish a collection of pieces—drawings, collages, graphic design pieces, comics, essays, stories, plays, poems, etc.—to help our community recognize, critique and appreciate the foundations of our union, look forward to TSSU’s future, and provide a resource for future members and activists. We aim to showcase the variety of work, thought, and creativity within our community through this lens of past, present, and future. Contributions may be related, but are not limited to, the following themes: equity, security, solidarity, action.


You may wish to address one of the following sub-themes in your submission:

  • Class struggle: unity and antagonism
  • Organizing labour in universities
  • Student activism and labour activism
  • Academic labour (past, present, and future)
  • Feminist perspectives on labour and academia
  • Anti-racist perspectives on labour and academia
  • Settler colonialism at SFU
  • Building collective power
  • TSSU and the labour movement
  • Lessons learned in the labour movement
  • Memories and experiences of TSSU
  • Challenges faced by academic workers
  • Working, uniting, and fighting for a better collective agreement
  • What you gained as a member of TSSU


Preparing your submission:

  • Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2018 extended to November 16, 2018!
  • Only one submission accepted per member
  • To be able to include as many submissions as possible, please keep your submission to a maximum of 5 pages
  • You may format your submission as you see fit. However, please keep in mind that the anticipated size of the volume will be 100 pages
  • All submissions will be reviewed for relevance to collection themes and goals
  • The number of pieces included in the collection will depend on the number of total submissions received and the size of each submission
  • Before collection printing, all contributors will be given an opportunity to review a proof copy of the collection and provide comments regarding the presentation of their submission as well as make any necessary edits
  • Submissions unrelated to the topic of the collection will not be accepted
  • Submissions not in keeping with, or going against, TSSU’s goals and objectives will not be accepted
  • Please complete the following google form to register your submission: https://goo.gl/forms/Is7siNoG68CWEtsK2 . We encourage you to submit your contribution to using the form as well; however, if the nature of your submission precludes this, please note this on the submission form and contact trustee@tssu.ca to make other arrangements

Inclusion of your submission in this volume does not preclude publication elsewhere. Copyright for each submission remains with the original copyright holder