TSSU Stands with Palestine

The TSSU General Membership unanimously voted to stand with the people of Gaza, and follow the call of Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) in Gaza to refuse to take part in academic work that contributes to the production or transport of armaments that will be used in Israel on October 24, 2024. The current bombing campaign and siege perpetrated by the Israeli regime is devastating Gaza, killing thousands, and displacing millions. University students, faculty, and staff across the world have been engaging in campaigns to boycott the Israeli state, including their universities and military infrastructure. 

Faculty 4 Palestine, an independent group of faculty members at SFU, has circulated the Motion to Divest petition demanding that SFU stop investing in corporations engaged in military arms production, including arms used by the Israeli Forces. The TSSU General Membership unanimously endorsed this petition on March 20, 2024. As such, you are urged to sign this petition if you have not already. The money that SFU invests is also our money, both our tuition as well money earned through our labor. We have a right to demand that this money is not invested to kill innocent civilians.

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