Summer Solidarity Workshops - Apply Now!

This Summer semester, the Member Mobilization Committee (MMC) is asking TSSU members to propose and facilitate online workshops that respond to the changes in our lives and workplaces throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. TSSU is a member-driven union; as such, MMC is supporting members to lead educational initiatives to benefit the membership’s well-being and strengthen solidarity in this time of uncertainty. We encourage workshop proposals relating to practical skills and strategies necessary for our membership’s transition to online work, though we are also open to members sharing what they’ve been working on in their own studies or interests.

How to apply

Submit your workshop ideas through our google form below. First round of application intakes will be due May 18th, 2020. If you miss this round, we will send another email announcing future intake. Extensive experience with workshop facilitation is not required – MMC members are available to work with presenters in designing workshops. . Additionally, you can propose workshops that you’ve already done previously (not a priority for approval but can help during consultation).

Apply here:

Proposal review process

Once submitted, MMC will conduct a blind review (participant names will be anonymous) and discuss proposals at a weekly committee meeting. Afterwards, the committee will vote on each proposal and decide on whether it will move on to the consultation process. Two MMC members will contact approved workshop presenters regarding their proposal acceptance and set up a consultation session within a week after the voting process. During these sessions, the consulters will review the workshop facilitator’s plan, clarify details, and check what support is needed. Additionally, they will discuss protocols and procedures needed for each workshop such as timeframe, participant capacity, etc. Though workshops can change between each step (application, consultation, planning, and presentation), please aim to keep workshops within the scope of your application. After consultation, the two MMC members will come to the next committee meeting with their review to further discuss, then vote on approving the workshop.

Workshop Format

Workshops will be held online. MMC will provide a link to a virtual meeting room for hosting each workshop. Other platforms can be used with consultation between the presenter and MMC. During each workshop, MMC members will be present to introduce the session, provide technical assistance and other requirements needed for each workshop. After the workshop, presenters can receive feedback from participants on their workshops, if desired, through a question and answer (Q&A) session or feedback form.

Hours and Stipend

Workshop presenters are offered a stipend equivalent to $20.00/hour for the development and facilitation of their workshop. Presenters must plan to work a minimum of 5 hours per workshop with a maximum of 10 hours. For anyone whose workshop may require more time, please still apply and we can discuss possibilities in the consultation process.

If you have any questions, please contact the MMC commissioner at or the Organizer at