Summer 2024 Chief Steward-Organizer By-Election

The Teaching Support Staff Union ("TSSU") is presently accepting nominations for the position of Chief Steward-Organizer. A description of the position is below, please read this carefully.

Nominations shall close at 5pm on July 8. This position is open to any member in good standing. All candidates must submit this completed nomination form along with a brief candidate's statement to the Trustees by email (

Chief Steward-Organizer

Chief Steward-Organizer is an amalgamated position continuing through the Summer 2024 semester that replaces the Chief Steward II and Organizer I positions and encompasses their duties as outlined in By-Laws E.2.7 and E.2.9. Thus, the elected officer who holds this position will be responsible for 25 hours of work per week and the division of these hours will depend on necessary tasks determined jointly by the Chief Steward I, Organizer II, and Chief Steward-Organizer.

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