Spring 2024 General Elections

The Teaching Support Staff Union (“TSSU”) is presently accepting nominations for the positions of Chief Steward-Organiser, Secretary-Treasurer, Ex-Officio, Trustee II, GSS Representative(s), SFSS Representative(s), and VDLC Representative(s)

Descriptions of the positions are below; please read these descriptions carefully. 

Nominations shall close at the February 28 2024 GM Meeting. All positions are open to any member in good standing. All candidates must submit this completed nomination form to Trustee I by email (trustee@tssu.ca). Candidates must submit a brief candidate’s statement by no later than 1 week following closing of nominations.

Chief Steward-Organiser 

Chief Steward-Organizer is an amalgamated position continuing in the Spring 2024 election cycle that replace the Chief Steward II and Organizer I positions and encompass their duties as outlined in Bylaws E.2.7 and E.2.9. Thus, the elected officer who holds this position will be responsible for 25 hours of work per week and the division of these hours will depend on necessary tasks determined jointly by the Chief Steward I, Organizer II, and Chief Steward-Organizer.


“The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for […] performing the daily financial duties of the Union. They shall also be a legal and financial signing authority and be a member of the Finance Committee and Internal Relations Committee.” The Secretary-Treasurer elected during the Spring 2024 election cycle will only be responsible for the financial duties from Bylaw E.2.2 and no secretarial duties. The elected officer who holds this position will be responsible for 10 hours of work per week.


“The Ex-Officio, or advisor to the Executive, is intended to improve continuity between outgoing and incoming Executives, particularly regarding reasons for previous Executive decisions. The Ex-Officio helps to ensure the non-hierarchical nature of the TSSU by maintaining an institutional memory based on lived experience.” Please refer to Bylaw E.2.4 for details. Please note Bylaw E.1.2 states “The Ex-Officio Officer will have served on the Executive any time during the previous twelve (12) months.”

Trustee II

“The two Trustees shall ensure that the TSSU By-Laws are adhered to and be responsible for keeping these same By-Laws up to date. They shall also ensure that proper procedures are adhered to at GMs in accordance with Bourinot’s rules […] They shall oversee the work done by Executive Members and report any atypical decisions to the General Membership of the Union.” Beginning in the Spring 2024 cycle, Trustees will revert back to the pay structure as described in Policy U.6, for 5 hours of work per week. See By-Law E.2.3 for a more detailed description.

GSS Representative(s)

Please see Policy S.3 for description.

SFSS Representative(s)

Please see Policy S.4 for description.

VDLC Representative(s)

Please see Policy S.5 for description.

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