On June 29th, Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) and Contract Worker Justice (CWJ) will host a follow up rally & free breakfast in front of Halpern Centre at SFU Burnaby campus from 7 - 10 AM.

At the May 19th rally, TSSU and CWJ united together to express dissatisfaction with the state of labour relations at SFU. We demanded that SFU Administration bring all food service and cleaning staff under direct employment at the University. We also demanded that SFU Administration do their part in negotiating a fair first contract for ALL Research Assistants. The full list of our demands can be found on our website, here: https://www.tssu.ca/may-19th-workers-united-for-a-better.../

This action will occur during the Board of Governors Meeting, where we will call on SFU Administration to explain how/when they will meet our demands. The TSSU and CWJ will stand together once again to show that we are united in our demands that SFU Administration treats all workers on campus with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Board of Governors Meeting will be early, so we will be cooking breakfast with faculty members who will be present in solidarity. So come get your day started with a free, warm breakfast and some collective action!

Let’s eat and make more noise together!

If you have any questions, please email organizer@tssu.ca and/or contractworkerjustice@gmail.com

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