Treasurer (2 candidates)

Alice Yue

Hello everyone!

My name is Alice Yue and I am running for the position of treasurer. I am a TA, RA, and PhD student in computing science. I have been a TSSU general member since 2018 and have been an active member since 2019 with the softball campaign. Currently, I am a TSSU steward and have recently gotten involved in the finance committee, a subject near and dear to my heart. I have 2+ years experience as the previous treasurer for the CSGSA. I am committed to high quality financial work ethics and have experience in engaging feedback for, organizing recommendations for, handling, and documenting budgets and balance sheets.

With the current financial state of TSSU, my aims in this positions are to:

1) simplify and visual-fy numerial documents so that they are more accessible to members and better support decision making (budget, balance, and comms during meetings… infographics??? :D),

2) increase collaboration between committees by recruiting more members to the finance committee,

and 3) strengthen regular reviews of possible new, mergers, and to-archive budget items; plus review TSSU priority activity items and how the numbers can help (e.g. RA contract negotiations, TSS benefits, international student issues).

Thank you for reading up to this point! Hope you have a wonderful, at home, day 🙂
Alice Yue

Ladan Fathi

Dear TSSU members, 

I am Ladan Fathi a Ph.D. student and a Steward at the School of Interactive arts and technology. I am running for the treasurer position. I have been an active member of the TSSU Member Mobilization Committee (MMC) since spring 2018 and I was the MMC commissioner for 1.5 years from April 2019. Moreover, I have been a member of the finance committee for more than 2 years. As one of the duties of the commissioner, I oversaw the financial expenses of the MMC and provided suggestions. I attended 3 executive trainings that included training about the financial structure of the TSSU and financial problems and challenges ahead. In my work with MMC, I was involved in data analysis, designing pamphlets, tabling and hosting events for TSSU, door knocking and informing the members, etc. These valuable experiences led me to use my potentials and learn new skills. It’s worth mentioning that as research assistants joined our union last year while the union does not receive any dues from them yet it is more important than ever to communicate our updated financial information with the members to empower them for decision making and have alternative short and long-term plans and suggestions. Therefore, I intend to set more regular financial meetings with the financial committee members and make a stronger connection with the MMC committee. Considering my familiarity with TSSU’s structure, rules, and perspectives, my abilities to work with data and my interest in working with numbers, my presentation skills, and a strong sense of responsibility I believed I can be a good fit for this position.

It would be an honor for me to work closely with the executive members and I devote all my effort, skill, and attention to help the union.

In solidarity,


Secretary (1 candidate)

Hollis Schmidt

Howdy once again comrades B)

Hollis (they/them) is a third year Master’s student in Criminology doing their thesis on the left-leaning Provisional IRA volunteer Bobby Sands and his legacy’s effects on the internal politics of ethnonationalist groups during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. They currently serve as TSSU’s Secretary and are a member of the Internal Relations Committee and act in a supportive role to the Membership Mobilization Committee. Hollis also manages the union’s social media and graphic design (read: canva master) and is one of TSSU’s Vancouver and District Labour Council delegates. They’ve also been a steward since enrollment in 2018 and was involved with the RA unionization campaign doing similar social media work and creating memes to stir the pot and garner RA support. Hollis would like to re-run as TSSU’s Secretary to continue the work they’re currently performing while also finding more ways to get active in the union. They seek to further establish themselves in the union scene as a supportive role and continue these efforts upon graduation.

In sol.,

Hollis Schmidt

Trustee II (1 candidate)

Scott Yano

I am Scott Yano, and running for the position of Trustee. Terms as a Chief Steward (Nov., 2017-Nov., 2019), an ELC/ITP shop steward (2006-21), and a member of four contract committees dating back to 2005, the Grievance Committee since 2014, the 2012 Strike Committee, and a general member of the TSSU since December, 2004, have helped develop my understanding of the history of the union and its inner workings over time, and of the personal, political, financial, and legal realities of union operations. Trustee work involves language interpretation and drafting of bylaws, and both my academic and union work support this. The implementation and creation of bylaws and conducting of elections guide the union towards achieving its collective goals, and I would like to be a part of the collective effort that ensures that this can take place productively now and into the future.

SSJC Commissioner (1 candidate)

Alexandra Wesolek


I am Alex (she/her) and have been a passionate member of the SSJC for the past 1.5 years. My highlights during this time were assisting with the organization of the “Solidarity beyond Allyship” panel discussion last term and learning about the social projects other TSSU folks and BC groups are involved in. Before joining the SSJC I have been working with the human rights organization Amnesty International for 5 years. As an Executive of the Amnesty SFU chapter in 2019/2020, I loved to facilitate discussions, gather information about recent human rights issues, support protests and host events. For example, at SFU we organized the screening of “I Am the Revolution”, a documentary about powerful women rights defenders in the Middle East. Influenced by my work with Amnesty, my hope for the SSJC committee for the next year would be to focus more on supporting and learning from international activism. Throughout last year we had the chance to hear from inspiring groups doing social and environmental justice work in Columbia, Ecuador and the US. It would be great to diversify the groups we connect to and learn from. Following the footsteps of previous Commissioners, I would additionally like to keep connected with SFU groups like SFPIRG and SFSS as well as maintain our connections with BC based groups like the Mountain Protectors and the Vancouver Tenant Union. By joining meetings hosted by the groups mentioned above, I would like to gain inspiration for the work we could do as the SSJC. Maintaining a non-hierarchical structure within the SSJC would be of importance to me, as solidarity work has most meaning when done as a community. I would be humbled to work for such a great committee and look forward to the ideas and visions of our members.

Ex Officio (1 candidate)

Ed Graham

Hi! My name is Ed Graham – I’m the outgoing TSSU Organizer I and I’m now running for the position of Ex Officio. I have a range of experience to draw from, having served as Organizer from 2020-2021 and, before that, Secretary from 2019-2020. I have been an active member of the union since 2017 and would be honoured to continue offering my time and support
wherever needed in these strange and unprecedented times.

Organizer I (1 candidate)

Mona Mehdizadeh

My fellow TSSU members,

My name is Mona and I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Computing Science department and I am running for the Organizer I position at TSSU.

I have been involved with student groups at SFU in many ways. I  was the GSS councilor and TSSU stewart in the first year. Then I got more involved with TSSU during our successful Research is Work campaign, for which I was one of the core organizers for the CS and engineering departments. During that time, I’ve got the chance to talk to so many graduate students in different departments, hear their stories and I believe that gave me a better understanding of their issues and problems. I’ve continued to be a TSSU stewart and I have been a member of MMC and Finance committee as well. Since January 2020, I have been the director of graduate services at GSS. I believe the experience I gained and the connections I made during my time at GSS would be a great asset as the organizer at TSSU, especially withthe current pandemic situation which limits the ways to meet new people and make new connections. I have also attended multiple workshops and seminars about how to be a union organizer prior to pandemic, and I have made connections with other unions around bc as well.

In my view, organizing is the core of the union. Our power is collective power and the way that we can use that collective power is by organizing. After two years of training and gaining experience, I believe now I am ready to take on this challenge and hopefully be able to fill in the big shoes of the amazing organizers before me.


Chief Steward II (1 candidate)

Seamus Bright Grayer

Hi TSSU Members,
My name is Seamus and I am running once again to be your Chief Steward II. I have enjoyed my time as Chief Steward and it’s wild to think about how it has been a year already! This is a job that takes a long time to learn and I hope that you’ll put your trust in me again so I can keep doing just that. I would love the chance to keep working with TSSU members to enforce our rights, organize, and build worker power across campus(es).

In solidarity,
Seamus Bright Grayer (he/him)