Friday, January 10 will be the 24th Annual Spring TA/TM Day at the SFU Burnaby campus. Presented in collaboration with Centre for Educational Excellence, TA/TM Day is a perfect opportunity to learn more about your TA or TM responsibilities, develop your teaching skills, grab a free lunch, and get a handle on the particularities of teaching at SFU.

All TA/TM Day sessions are free to TSSU members, and no registration is required. All members are entitled to up to 6 hours of paid professional development time per appointment. So make sure to keep track of those TA/TM Day hours! To see the schedule: https://www.sfu.ca/sfu-community/events.html#!view/event/event_id/8102


**All TSSU members are invited, regardless of whether you attend TA/TM Day.**

We will cap off the day with TSSU’s one and only TA/TM DAY SOCIAL!!! At 5 pm at The Study Pub for free dinner, cheap drinks, draw prizes, games and some human connection!

Accessibility Information:
Location: The Study Pub, SFU Burnaby

– TSSU provides childcare subsidy for members to attend TSSU event. To apply: https://www.tssu.ca/childcare/

– For Non-student TSSU members (non-upass holders), TSSU has a trial travel subsidy program that reimburses $5 per trip for members who go to union events and committee meetings. To apply: https://www.tssu.ca/2019/04/09/tssu-trial-travel-subsidy-april-aug-2019/

– Accessible and gendered washrooms available on the same floor.

– There is a wheelchair lift available at The Study.

– Due to the public location, we cannot guarantee a scent-free environment, but we encourage members to refrain from wearing perfumes or any scents to the event.

– We also encourage members to not wear and carry any nut products due to allergies.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any specific needs and any suggestion on how we can make the event more accessible.

To inquire, please email tssu@tssu.ca