Over the past two months, research assistants (RA) and grant-funded workers at SFU have been organizing to join the Teaching Support Staff Union!


Research assistants at SFU have no guaranteed rights or benefits and face substandard and precarious working conditions. While the vast majority of such workers in Canada are recognized as employees of their institutions, SFU Administration continues to pretend that our contributions don’t matter.

Please find more details about the campaign at: http://www.researchiswork.com

If you are (or think you might be) an RA or a grant-funded worker at SFU, please reach out!

Email researchiswork@tssu.ca, or call 778-751-6259. Or come to one of Research is Work Events:

Vancouver Info Session
Wednesday, October 30th
5:30 – 7pm
HC 2245

Burnaby RA Townhall
Tuesday, November 5th
11:30am – 1:30pm
MBC 2290

Undergrad RA Townhall
Thursday, November 7th
4 – 6pm
MBC Forum Chambers