Over the past few months, the Simon Fraser Student Society’s Out On Campus (OOC) has run a campaign titled We Just Need to Pee. This campaign, which includes posters in every washroom on each SFU campus, serves as an important reminder that everyone – including trans people – deserves to use the washroom relevant to their their gender identity without ridicule, questioning, or harassment. It was launched in response to an incident that took place at SFU where a student, who was attending a memorial service for murdered transgender people, was told that they were “in the wrong washroom.”

It is vital that every person on campus deserves to feel safe, valid, and welcomed. OOC’s campaign is a friendly reminder of the importance of having a safe space for basic human needs. Although they have received positive feedback for their campaign, there have been several recent instances of violent and hateful vandalism of their posters. We understand that the continual defacement of their posters has been getting worse lately. This type of messaging presents a safety issue for everyone on campus, including students, teaching staff, and other SFU community members.

The Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) condemns the vandalism and harassment targeting trans people and affirm our support of the We Just Need to Pee postering campaign. We also stand in firm solidarity with trans people at SFU and elsewhere who deserve to be themselves without discrimination and abuse. Please report any vandalized posters, and reach out to OOC if you are in need of their resources, including peer support and crisis referrals:

   SFSS Out On Campus




In solidarity,

Teaching Support Staff Union