TSSU has started bargaining with the University for a new Collective Agreement! All members are welcome to attend the bargaining sessions.

The summer sessions will be on:

May 8 – WMC 2533, Burnaby, caucus 8:30 am at WMC 2533

May 14 – WMC 2533, Burnaby,  caucus 8:30 am at  WMC 2533

May 15 – Harbour Centre 2945 (Management Studies Lab), Vancouver  caucus 8:30am at HC 2945.

June 6 – WMC 2533, Burnaby,  caucus 8:30 am at WMC 2533

June 13 – WMC 2533, Burnaby,  caucus 8:30 am at WMC 2533

June 18 – WMC 2533, Burnaby,  caucus 8:30 am at  WMC 2533

June 27 – SUR 2740, Surrey,  caucus 8:30 am at SUR 2740

Every few years we bargain a binding Collective Agreement that sets out: rights to access work, wages, benefits and more. Bargaining is our opportunity to work together to improve our wage & benefits, reduce our class sizes, secure our employment, and much more.

Success at the bargaining table will come by all of us getting involved, getting organized and expressing our shared power.

Some of our current benefits such as childcare fund, MSP coverage, centralized job posting,  sessional seniority, grad student TA priority, and ELC/ITP pro-D and seniority, etc. were won through us working together.

You can get involved and have your voiced heard by:
– Telling others that TSSU is renegotiating our collective agreement.
– Send us an email tssu@tssu.ca or call 778-782-4735 us with a question you have about bargaining!
– Invite us to your caucus meetings or departmental events to talk about bargaining. We will bring donuts, coffee and swag!
– Come to TSSU events and meetings! See tssu.ca/calendar/ for details

Stay connected to what’s happening with bargaining by visiting