The contract sets out when the review of one’s workload is required, and how it should be done.

Determining workload starts with the fact that every TA and TM must have received a Time Use Guideline (TUG) by the 5th day of classes. That guideline tells you how many hours of work you are being paid for, and how those hours should be spent. Every TUG must provide AT LEAST 42 hours of preparation time.

A workload review looks at whether or not enough hours of paid time have been given to you to complete the work assigned to you. If it is determined that there are not enough paid hours to do the work, the department can either decrease the work or increase the paid hours in your contract.

In all cases, “W” courses must have workload reviews done. For other courses any TA or TM can request a review at any point during the semester and it must be done. They must be automatically done in W courses, as well as when the criteria set out in the agreement are present (see page 24). At the end of week five, course supervisors are supposed to get a reminder to do a review from the department. A review consists of the Course Supervisor having a discussion with the TA or TM, reviewing their hours, and assessing if there is a workload situation that should be addressed. They are supposed to give you the results of your review and send a copy to the TSSU.

There are problems ensuring that departments are actually providing every TA with a Time Use Guideline, and performing workload reviews when they are required. Many TA/TMs are concerned that raising concerns about workload will lead to criticism of their work. We need a system to control workload that does not make members feel vulnerable for insisting that we are paid properly for our work.