All TSSU members are welcome to join one (or more) of the TSSU’s standing Committees. Each Committee has a specific or assigned task, province or domain to consider. To join a committee, email tssu(at) or the email indicated below and ask to be added to the mail-list of the committee you are interested in. You can also asked to be ratified at the next General Membership meeting. All members who regularly participate with a Committee are eligible for a stipend. The stipend for most Committees (except Contract & Membership Mobilization) is $150/semester. Members may serve on as many Committees as they wish. Additionally, members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend Committee meetings to ‘get a feel’ for them.

Stipended Committees of TSSU

Internal Relations Committee:
The “IR Committee” develops policies and maintains the bylaws as requested by the General Membership. It meets an average of 3 times a semester. Familiarity with the Bylaws & Policies is not required. ($150/semester stipend.) Email Coordinator(at) to get involved.

Finance Committee:
The Finance Committee develops the yearly budget, suggests expenditures or investments for any and all surpluses the Union achieves, and reports on the budget as requested by quorate motion. It meets at least 3 times a year and is chaired by the Treasurer. ($150/semester when the Committee meets.) Email Coordinator(at) to get involved.

Social Justice Committee:
The Social Justice Committee disburses money each semester to a chosen charity or charities. Focus is given to local charities, charities with small (under $200,000/year) budgets, and charities involving worker’s rights. It meets at least twice a semester and is chaired by the Organizer. ($150/semester.) Email Organizer(at) to get involved.

Grievance Committee:
The Grievance Committee is involved in ensuring justice is brought to members who bring forward complaints and grant permission for those complaints to be dealt with via the grievance processes set out in the Collective Agreement. When necessary, this Committee is convened by the Chief Steward, who functions as Chair, meeting as necessary. ($150/semester) Email Chief_Steward(at) to get involved.

Membership Mobilization Committee:
The Membership Mobilization Committee exists to educate and inform the membership about priorities identified by the General Membership, such as the progress of bargaining, Union drives and initiatives, and members’ rights. It meets frequently, often once a week. The MMC, along with the Contract Committee, has a special stipend schedule to reflect this: for up to 12 hours per month, a member may claim $150/month, and each hour thereafter per month will be paid at the rate of $20 per hour, up to a total of $1200 per month. Monthly totals will not be allowed to roll over into the next month’s totals. Email MMC_Commissioner(at) to get involved.

Special Committees:

Health & Saftey TSSU Reps:

At SFU there are ten different local joint health & saftey committees, each representing a different area of campus. We have access to six of the committees however this is our least populated position and in most need of members. Meetings are held three times a semester, and the position is stipended at $150 a semester. The role comprises of reviewing at the meeting health & safety reports, bringing issues from TSSU to the group, reporting back to the TSSU office, and using your own experience to contribute to the general health and safety at SFU.

Click HERE for the list of what buildings are represented by each Committee – you qualify for this position if you work in a building listed and are a current member in good standing. Committees 1, 2, 4, 9, and 10 currently sit vacant and we could use an alternative for Committee 3. This is a very important position that can have real positive effects on peoples lives. You will be briefed by TSSU thoroughly and provided a free Health and Safety Course of training for signing up.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee consists of the elected members of the Executive Council, also known as the Tabled Officers. These individuals implement policy as determined by the membership. Their duties are enumerated in the Bylaws and HERE. Executive Officers are stipended only if they participate actively in 3 committees (including the Executive), in which case they receive $525/semester.

As dictated by our bylaws, the TSSU elections are held twice a year: once in November and once in March.

November: Chair, Chief Steward I, Coordinator, MMC Commissioner, OH&S Commissioner, Trustee I.
March: Chief Steward II, Ex-Officio, Organizer, Secretary, Solidarity & Social Justice Commissioner, Treasurer, and Trustee II.

Nominations for the November election are open between the September & October GM. Nominations for the March election are open between the January & February GM.
All members in good standing can run by filling out a nomination form and turning it in before the deadline.

Stewards Committee:

The Stewards Committee (also called the Stewards Network) consists of individuals who act as liaisons and points of contact between their department members (or School or Faculty) and the Union. Each Department can have one Steward if the Department has fewer than 20 individuals, plus one or more stewards for each additional 10 members or part thereof (e.g. 21 = 2 stewards, 31 = 3, 35 = 3, 59 = 5, etc.) Stewards are elected by their departmental Caucus and are required to report to the Caucus about Union activity and to the Steward’s Committee as necessary. Stewards meet approximately 3 times a semester. A Steward’s stipend is $250/semester. Contact tssu(at) for more information.

Contract Committee:
The Contract (or Bargaining) Committee is a set of individuals who put aside their time to bargain (or attempt to bargain) with the University to develop a new Collective Agreement. The structure of the Contract Committee is delineated by the Collective Agreement which fixes its size and composition. An individual who wishes to join must meet these specific requirements, and vacancies are discussed at General Membership Meetings. Contract Committee meets at least once a week on average and is stipended at $150 for the first 12 hours per month and $20 for each hour over to a maximum of $1200 per month. Monthly totals will not be allowed to roll over into the next month’s totals. Contact tssu(at) for more information.

Joint Committee:
The Joint Committee is a set of individuals who are stipended to negotiate with the University before the collective agreement expires. The Joint Committee was formed as an accomplishment from the 2010-2014 bargaining session to expedite the next bargaining session. The purpose of the Committee is to continue the discussion on the issues that were raised by the parties during 2010-2014 negotiations, but were left unresolved. An individual who wishes to join must meet a few specific requirements and vacancies are discussed at General Membership Meetings. Joint Committee meets about once every two weeks on average and is stipended at $150 for the first 12 hours per month and $20 for each hour over to a maximum of $1200 per month. Contact Chief_Steward(at) for more information.

General Membership Committee:
Additionally, all members in good standing sit de facto on the General Membership Committee, which sets the goals and priorities of the Union. This “Committee” is not stipended and is chaired by the Chair of the TSSU. Meetings occur three times a semester and a free meal is always provided.

Stipended Committees of TSSU