Electronic Logbook

An electronic version of the logbook (used to track your hours) can be found here. Make sure to explore the different tabbed spreadsheets if you’re a TA or TM and fill out and email your logbook lotto at the end of the semester to coordinator@tssu.ca. You can also get a paper copy from your departmental steward or at our office.


Medical Benefit Forms

For forms involving Medical Services Plan, Group Medical or otherwise, please check the Human Resources Website. If you have any questions about which form to use, stop by our office or drop us an e-mail. Please note that all forms are also available at our office, AQ 5129.

Extended Medical Form

If you are a student, you are automatically signed up for your SFSS or GSS extended health care plans in your student fees. We also have a plan that you can choose to opt into. This plan can be stacked with the student extended health plan. Download the form to opt-in HERE (Oct. 2014)..

MSP Form

If you want SFU to cover your MSP and the MSP for your spouse/partner and all dependent children, the form you want on the Human Resources Website is “Group Medical Services Plan (MSP) Application.” NOTE: in the section above section 1 – the first three blanks should be left blank, and for ‘Employment Number’ put your student ID or your employment # if you are not a student.

Reimbursement Request Form

Use this form to request reimbursement for approved expenses (e.g. approved union-related travel, approved purchase of materials for events). Please DO NOT use this form to request committee stipends – for this purpose, see ‘Stipend Forms’, below.

Stipend Request Forms

**NEW** – now you can complete your stipend requests online using the appropriate form. Once you submit, a copy of the form is automatically emailed to you and the TSSU Coordinator.

Stipend forms are available here. Please remember to include the semester and year for which you are applying. If this the first time you are claiming a stipend for a TSSU committee, please also complete the Volunteer Information form.

Please note that stipend requests are due by the 1st Monday after the beginning of classes in the semester following the semester for which the application is being made e.g. a request for the Fall 2018 semester is due the first Monday after classes begin in the Spring 2019 semester — this is usually the second or third Monday of the month. Extraordinary circumstances may be taken into account.

Time Use Guidelines (TA&TM)

Time Use Guidelines (TUGs) are provided by the department and will be slightly different based on departmental needs. The TUGs provided here contain all the information that is required to be on your departmental TUG and are here as a reference. If any of these categories are missing from your departmental TUG, please contact tssu@tssu.ca:

TA-TUG (Page 77 of your Collective Agreement)
TM-TUG (Page 82 of your Collective Agreement)

TSSU Meeting Childcare Subsidy Request Form

TSSU offers childcare subsidies to members attending TSSU meetings and events. TSSU will reimburse members for the cost of childcare up to an hourly maximum equivalent to the minimum wage. To apply, complete this relevant, accessible here either in Word format or in pdf format.