As successfully bargained in Fall 2012, SFU now has a ‘Centralized Job Posting Website’ where all TA, TM and sessional instructor jobs are posted from every department. Departments must leave jobs up for at least two weeks. You can access the Centralized Job Posting Website here.

Departments now also must have a detailed priority list of their hiring process posted in an easily accessible space. This is a helpful resource that applicants can use to better tailor their application to specific departments needs.

Another helpful tip is following the Graduate Students Facebook page run by Gladys We. She tends to post when a department’s posts have been uploaded, along with other useful information.

Creating a Google Alert

A Google Alert can inform you whenever there is a change to the centralized posting system, which means that you’ll never miss when a job is posted. The simplified instructions are:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter your search: just like a Google search, change your terms in real-time
  3. Enter an email address: click “CREATE ALERT” and receive a confirmation email

Click here for more detailed instructions.