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The TSSU 2019 Bargaining Survey is now available

UPDATE: It appears that a number of people have found errors and/or had problems with the functionality of the TSSU Bargaining Survey. We’re working as quickly as possible to fix the Survey and make it more user-friendly and accessible. As members you have the right to express your thoughts and opinions as clearly as possible about […]

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settlement reached Settlement Reached

Background In 2013, SFU implemented the health insurance scheme that forced international students into an expensive health plan without consultation, gave a kick-back to SFU and was in blatant violation our members’ Collective Agreement rights. After a fight lasting almost 4 years, including multiple freedom of information act requests, petitions, demonstrations, and a mediation […]

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Retro Pay

It has been a long time coming, but the employer has arranged to pay the retroactive pay you are owed from the settlement of our 2014-2019 collective ageement. If you have worked since May 1 2015 you will receive retroactive pay according to the following schedule: If you worked between 1 May 2015 and 30 […]

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