The TSSU Solidarity and Social Justice Committee (SSJC) expresses its condemnation of the recent attacks on reproductive rights in the United States. The state of Georgia signed legislation to ban abortion once a “heartbeat” can be detected, while Alabama Republicans removed exceptions for rape and incest from the state’s version of a “heartbeat law”. These are just two instances of a growing war on reproductive rights in the United States, where regressive legislation and a poisonous misinformation campaign by a number of (mostly male) politicians are putting women, transgender, and non-binary people’s autonomy severely at risk. As part of a feminist union that proudly places the health and reproductive rights of its members front and centre, the TSSU SSJC condemns these disturbing developments. Furthermore, we must express concern with a larger wave of attacks on reproductive rights that is not limited to the United States; in Canada, for example, we see politicians restricting access to information and education on our reproductive rights and healthcare.