We currently have two Executive positions open for by-election: Trustee II and Membership Mobilization Committee (MMC) Commissioner.

Positions are open to any TSSU member in good standing and are stipended. The nomination period runs from today, March 21, 2019 to next Thursday, March 28, 2019.

To nominate yourself, complete the attached nomination form and return to trustee@tssu.ca by March 28, 2019.
In addition, nominees may submit a brief candidate statement to trustee@tssu.ca by March 29, 2019.

Trustee II  (By-Law E.2.4) (term from April 2019-March 2020)
Stipended at $360/semester
Duties include (See By-Law E.2.4 for more details):

  • Ensuring that the TSSU By-Laws are adhered to and keeping these same By-Laws up-to-date
  • Ensuring that proper procedures are adhered to at GMs in accordance with Bourinot’s rules
  • Overseeing the work done by Executive Members and reporting any atypical decisions to the General Membership
  • Scheduling and overseeing all elections/referenda
  • Inspecting the financial records of the TSSU on a monthly basis in consultation with the Coordinator.
  • Resourcing either the Internal Relations Committee or the Finance Committee

Membership Mobilization Committee (MMC) Commissioner (term from May 2019-November 2019)
Stipended at $100/month for first 6 hours + $20/hr for each hour thereafter up to a maximum of $1200 per month
Duties include (See By-Law E.2.6 for more details):

  • Calling meetings and making sure meetings are chaired and minuted
  • Producing TSSU outreach materials in coordination with union volunteers, outside partners and vendors
  • Attending Executive meetings and acting as liaison between the Membership Mobilization Committee and the Executive
  • Liaising between the Membership Mobilization Committee and other TSSU committees to facilitate the flow of information between committees and the General Membership
  • Overseeing layout and content of the TSSU website and other social media and ensure that content is updated regularly

If you have any questions about the positions, please contact  trustee@tssu.ca.

Organizer (Two Candidates)i Chien Jade Ho 何宜謙 (Organizer)