Nominations are now open for Occupational Health and Safety Commissioner of the TSSU. This position is open to all members in good standing. Here’s the job description from the TSSU by-laws:

The Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Commissioner shall be responsible for sitting
on the Central OH&S committee of the university and performing associated duties, in
addition to coordinating between all local TSSU OH&S area committee representatives. The
OH&S Commissioner shall attend executive meetings as a voting member and liaison
between the Central Committee, Local Area Representatives, the Executive, and the General
Membership Meeting when needed. The OH&S Commissioner will work in conjunction with
the other TSSU representative who sits on the Central OH&S committee. It is expected that
the OH&S Commissioner attend all available employer-funded training, provided by
Worksafe BC.

This position is stipended at $360 per semester, plus compensation from the employer for attending health and safety meetings and training. If you’re interested in serving in this role, please contact