Over the last several years Burnaby has approved rezoning of numerous affordable market rental buildings to create new condo developments. The result of each rezoning is the demoviction of dozens to hundreds of residents who are forced to search for new homes in a region with zero vacancy rate. Finding similarly priced rentals with similar transit access is all but impossible — effectively Burnaby is forcing many working people and those on fixed-income out of Burnaby or onto the street.

Burnaby City Council is now planning to accelerate this process with a new Metrotown Community plan which will result in the loss of 3000 affordable rental units in short order. It doesn’t have to be this way; New Westminster, just 5 minutes down the road has taken a completely different approach and seen an increase in rental stock, rather than a decrease.

Fighting for affordable housing falls directly within the objectives of the TSSU outlined in the bylaws:
“(d) Within the community the union shall work for the establishment of political, social and sexual equality, for equal pay for work of equal value, for free accessible education facilities, for free accessible childcare facilities, for adequate and fully paid parental leave, for recreational and cultural development, for community health services, and for adequate and affordable housing.”

On November 17, the TSSU general membership endorsed the following call to action against Burnaby City Council:

  1. Demovict the plan! Save three thousand homes: Burnaby’s proposed “Downtown” Metrotown Plan will directly cause the loss of 3,000 purpose-built rental apartment units and the displacement of thousands of current residents. We call on Burnaby Council to reject the plan and go back to the drawing board to develop a plan in partnership with the affected community. While we recognize that no municipality can solve the housing and homelessness crisis on its own but Burnaby’s growth strategies must not come through the displacement of the existing community.
  2. Placement before displacement: Hundreds of renters are already scheduled to be evicted through rezonings permitted under Burnaby’s old Metrotown plan, and Burnaby’s existing tenant relocation supports are inadequate. We call on Burnaby council to ensure every renter is placed in new housing they can afford before they are displaced from their existing homes.

Further we call on members of the community to sign the petition opposing the plan

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