Following a NO vote of TSSU members of SFU Administration’s “final package”, TSSU’s Contract Committee has informed SFU Admin that we are ready to return to the bargaining table. However, they have yet to agree to come to the table.

TSSU has now learned that SFU Admin is considering a plan to move us further away from a settlement, through the use of “economic weapons” such as a lock-out. A lock-out of university teachers will only lead to lengthening the dispute and serious disruption of the education of students. SFU Admin may also be considering targeting their “economic weapons” on our most vulnerable members by cutting their benefits or pay. TSSU members will not be intimidated and are committed to finding solutions to our core issues. The road to a fair and timely settlement with the most vulnerable employees of the University is at the bargaining table.

lockout - marquee

TSSU wants to get back to bargaining to reach a fair collective agreement and settle this labour dispute. The use of “economic weapons” will only serve to delay settlement and the return of grades from both this and last semester.

SFU Admin has a clear choice between two options: a) return to the bargaining table and bargain constructively; or b) extend and expand the labour dispute by using “economic weapons” against our members.

Members are encouraged to contact their stewards or for more information.

We encourage all members of the SFU Community to contact the SFU Administration at to urge them to choose negotiation.