Hundreds of students and families face eviction and an uncertain future as Louis Riel faces demolition. They are working to ensure that SFU supports these largely low-income families in a variety of ways – without this support it can be questionable if families can stay together or if student’s with families can afford to move, or even continue with their degrees.

LRH Website:
Change Petition: Stop SFU from closing low income family and graduate housing! Please help us keeps our kids together

SFU advertises to have ‘family friendly’ housing options for low income people working on their education – also known as Louis Riel. If you do not have any experience with having a family – it is something that involves a million whirling factors that changes everything you do. From what university has the resources that allow you to even attend successfully, to where you can live and afford, to the serious decision of moving your children to a new school and the disruptive impacts involved on their lives.

These one and two bedroom suites are the oldest on campus and have been known to be plagued with issues for years, including mould, by those involved with SFU politics. This however did not stop SFU from accepting new applications even last Fall for new move ins, nor were applicants told of the buildings many issues.

A group of these residences have started receiving eviction notices, many have no money to move, there are fears of the massive disruption on their degrees not to mention their children’s lives and the community that exists within the building. These are not dorms – they are homes in a neighbourhood. They have a website, a petition, and they meet Fridays to support each other and work together to try to fix this situation they find themselves in. In Solidarity.